Michael McLoughlin

Mike McLoughlin is the Chief Engineer for the Research and Exploratory Development Department, at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Throughout his career, he has focused on transforming technology breakthroughs into sustainable business entities. He has worked in start-up, academic and government organizations and most enjoys solving problems spanning diverse disciplines. He has had lead roles in establishing business units focused in the areas of Biomedicine and Homeland Security, and built the technical organizations required to support these fast-growing enterprises. He is driven by the belief that effective national security must go beyond the military to include the use of technology to provide a better quality of life and economic opportunity for everyone.

Currently he is focused on the use of robotics, artificial intelligence and neuro-technology to restore function to those with limb loss and enhance human machine teaming. He lead the DARPA Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program, demonstrating the first use of a bi-directional, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) to operate a high-dexterity robotic arm.  Seeing an individual with paralysis use the same BCI to fly a simulated aircraft lead to the realization that a direct connection to human brain could radically change the way we interact with machines – creating new opportunities for those with disability and new ways for human and machines to collaborate.

Mike studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Delaware, later apply engineering discipline to the fields of biomedicine, healthcare and neuroscience to solve complex systems problems. He is an instructor in the Johns Hopkins University Engineering Management Graduate Program and seeks to incorporate many of the lessons learned over his 30-year career into courses related to Executive Leadership and Innovation.

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