Kevin Malik

A highly-seasoned technology executive and innovator, Kevin Malik has helped several companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 in positions ranging from Board Member/CIO/COO to Global Operations and R&D executive.

With a unique background, a blend of mechanical engineering coupled with leading-edge technology savvy, Kevin specializes in working with companies on refining their IoT/Industry 4.0/DataCenter/Energy strategy.  With expertise ranging from delivering fully-optimized systems, vendor management, market positioning and product marketing, he thrives on creating and reviewing new technical capabilities, working on strategic partnerships and growing the talent base.

Most recently Kevin worked at QIO a high profile UK startup focused on Industry 4.0 that was founded to solve engineer’s (shipping and aerospace) critical challenges using the latest in cloud, sensor, and open source technology.  Kevin’s primary focus was on architecture, strategic operations, product positioning/pricing, and client engagements.

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